CorrBoard Harnesses Organic Waste to Produce Corrugated

CorrBoard Bioenergy (CB Bio) has invested £5.5m in building a sustainable energy generation facility fuelled by organic waste to power the manufacture of corrugated sheet board.

CB Bio is a joint venture between packaging and display trade specialist Swanline Group and paper-based packaging producer McLaren Packaging.

The CB Bio Scunthorpe facility, which can be operated remotely to maximise uptime, will produce carbon-neutral corrugated material for use at Swanline and McLaren’s manufacturing plants in Staffordshire and Port Glasgow.

It has the capacity to divert 25,000 tonnes of biological waste from landfill.

The plant is expected to substantially offset Swanline and McLaren’s own carbon footprints, via the excess energy fed to the National Grid and returned to them in carbon credits, and power the carbon-neutral manufacture of corrugated sheet board.

The organic waste fuelling the plant is partly sourced from Swanline and McLaren’s packaging users which require compliant food waste disposal. CB Bio is certified to process Category 2 and 3 animal by-product wastes and vegetable food waste.

The plant’s by-product, pasteurised and certified to PAS 110, is suitable for use as a fertiliser.

Nick Kirby, chief executive of Swanline Group, said: “CB Bio is a bold statement to our customers who genuinely want to procure corrugated packaging with strong ecological credentials. This is a timely venture providing greener solutions and industry-leading benefits for consumers of paper-based packaging.”

The plant is modular in construction, meaning output capacity can be increased in the future.


CorrBoard harnesses organic waste to produce corrugated

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