PetroBio Commissioned to Convert Energy Production from Natural Gas to Renewable Bio Energy

Swedish engineering company PetroBio has been commissioned to convert the energy production at the Dutch tomato grower Zonnekreek Tomato from natural gas to renewable bio energy.

Earthquakes and tremors as a result of natural gas extraction in the Dutch city of Groningen, (one of the world’s largest gas fields) has led the Dutch government to implement a total gas extraction stop by 2030 as well as introducing a programme giving substantial economic incentives to businesses converting from old-style fossil fuels to renewable energy.

The escalating need for more environmentally friendly energy production gives PetroBio a boost in Europe. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in other European countries investing in incentive programmes to promote renewable energy.

“PetroBio’s traditional market has been mainly the Nordic countries but since merging with the Belgian biofuel company VYNCKE in January 2018 the opportunities to take market shares in Europe have increased significantly”, says Per Carlsson.

Via VYNCKE´s European customer base PetroBio were able to establish contact with the Dutch pellet manufacturer Maartens and the tomato grower Zonnekreek Tomato. Maartens is responsible for funding and contracting the entire combustion equipment. The project is partly financed by the Dutch government as part of the incentive programme to encourage businesses to switch from combusting natural gas to biofuels. Zonnekreek Tomato also commit to buy energy from Maartens for the next twelve years, energy which is more efficient and more profitable than the one utilized today.

Greenhouse operations are common in the Netherlands and we are looking to find similar projects together with Maartens, says Per Carlsson.

The plant in Holland is planned to be up and running at the end of 2019.


Published on and written by Naomi Holliman

PetroBio commissioned to convert Zonnekreek Tomato from natural gas to renewable bio energy

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