recycled plastics plant in new zealand

Australians Convince New Zealand To Build First Recycled Plastic Plant

Australian packaging company Pact Group has received a $3 million Government grant to set up the first 100 per cent recycled plastic food packaging plant in New Zealand.

Environment Associate Minister Eugenie Sage said while recycled plastic was available in New Zealand, about 20 per cent was made with new plastic to comply with the food packaging safety standards.

The recycled plastic packaging from the plant, to be built in Auckland, would be used across 10 products, including meat, bakery and produce.

Sage said the plant was a response to China’s decision stop importing plastic waste from countries around the world, including New Zealand, for processing.

“We need to tackle our waste in New Zealand, we’ve had a record of sending them offshore. China’s National Sword initiative has highlighted that we need to build more reprocessing infrastructure in New Zealand,” Sage said.


  • What are you thinking? Are the kangaroos ripping off the Kiwis?
  • Come on! The New Zealanders are not that naïve …or are they?


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