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South Australia Ban on Single Use Plastic Cutlery And Straws

Over past few years, efforts to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans have skyrocketed.

Everyone is seemingly doing their bit to limit their impact on the environment, but it takes governments and companies to make the big changes that creates the biggest avenue to change.

The South Australian government has announced it will ban single-use plastic straws and cutlery from next year.

The Australian first initiative still needs to be passed through parliament but it’s hoped thousands of tonnes of plastic will be saved from our waterways.

Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs said: “It is clear from the more than 3,500 submissions that there is significant community and industry support for increased measures to address a range of single-use plastic products and other items.

“Nearly 99 per cent of respondents recognised the environmental problems associated with single use plastics and nearly 97 per cent supported government intervention.

“The community has called for swift action on single-use plastic products.

“In light of this overwhelming community support, the Marshall Liberal Government has developed a plan to ban single-use plastic products and other single-use items.

“At first, we will look at products including plastic straws, cutlery and stirrers with items such as takeaway polystyrene containers and cups next.

“Further consideration would be needed when looking at takeaway coffee cups, plastic bags and other takeaway food service items following consultation.

“We will release draft legislation for further public consultation later this year with the intention to introduce it to the Parliament in 2020.

“I encourage industry stakeholders to register their interest for the stakeholder taskforce.

“Social and corporate action is already underway on some of these items, and there are readily availability alternatives.”

Hobart City Council became the first capital in Australia to ban single-use plastics and straws.

Councillor Bill Harvey said the city was ‘leading by example’ and hoped that other municipalities would follow suit.

And why the hell not?

The move was agreed earlier this year, with the changes to take effect next year. It’s hoped the period in between legislating and enacting will give businesses and stakeholders enough time to make changes to the way they do things.

There’s no word on when or if the state plans to follow in Hobart’s footsteps.


This article was published on ladbible-com and written by Stewart Perrie

South Australia Will Phase Out Single Use Plastic Cutlery And Straws Next Year

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