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Owner of NatureWorks Goes Into Recycling

Joint construction of a recycling plant in Thailand to be considered.

Hard, 2 July 2019 – ALPLA and PTT Global Chemical (GC) will collaborate on a feasibility study for the construction of a recycling plant in Thailand.

The companies announced the plan at the Circular Living Symposium 2019 – Upcycling Our Planet in Bangkok at the end of June.

ALPLA develops and produces innovative plastic packaging solutions worldwide and has been active in recycling for more than 25 years.

With two of its own recycling plants in Austria and Poland and joint ventures in Germany and Mexico, the plastics converter has since become a preferred partner for PET recycling.

Now, ALPLA and PTT Global Chemical (GC) are currently investigating the prospects of further activities in Thailand.

GC serves as PTT Group’s chemical flagship. The company has committed to the principles of the circular economy with the aim of always optimising the use of resources.

Examples of its commitment include the development of bioplastics as an alternative type of plastic and the implementation of effective waste management systems.

GC will work with ALPLA to conduct a study on investing in the first high‐quality circular plastic recycling plant in Thailand, including materials such as rPET and rHDPE.

We will make a decision in the third quarter of this year after reviewing the results of the study,’ said Supattanapong Punmeechaow, President and CEO of GC.

Excellent quality

The demand for recycled plastics is growing, including in Southeast Asia. ‘In particular, excellent quality of recyclates plays a big role,’ says ALPLA Regional Manager Bernd Wachter, adding: ‘We have expertise in the manufacture of food‐grade recyclates and we are experts in the processing of these materials into new packaging. Together with GC, we could implement a flagship initiative for the country and the entire region.

Ambitious targets for 2025

In 2018 ALPLA signed the Global Commitment of the New Plastics Economy, an initiative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation together with the United Nations Environment Programme.

ALPLA set a target to expand its recycling activities, with an earmarked investment of 50 million euros. Moreover, all packaging solutions should be fully recyclable by 2025.

The volume of processed post‐consumer recycled materials is to rise to 25 per cent of total material usage.


  • Thailand is a great country and it has been pushing for economic growth in the Bio-Economy.
  • However, this decision seems to be a bit different.
  • PTT is a state-oil company. Do you think their strategic vision is very consistent?
  • Is PTT operating solo or are they controlled by the Thai Government and/or Parliament?


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